The Top 3 Cosmetic Procedures men are spending their money on

The Top 3 Cosmetic Procedures men are spending their money on

Nowadays, men are just as conscious as women when it comes to their looks and appearance. Some cosmetic surgeons even say that they now have more male clients compared to few years back. Statistically speaking, the number of men taking cosmetic surgeries has increased as much as 325% since 1997, in the US alone. While in the UK, the number has risen by 16% ; from 2012 to 2013.

So, what are exactly the most popular cosmetic procedures men are having?

1. RhinoplastyRhinoplasty is currently very popular and undoubtedly the number one cosmetic surgery procedure among men. This procedure is getting more popular since they are no longer holding the stigma that cosmetic procedures can only be done on women or celebrities. Some men also testify that rhinoplasty can boost their self-esteem and confidence.

2. LiposuctionExercise and healthy diet are often not enough to lose weight or get the ideal body that we dreamed of. As we get older, sometimes it’s very difficult to lose stubborn fats in our body. Liposuction is deemed as an effective and safe way to remove excess fat ,permanently, from the body. This is one of many reasons why men are spending their money on liposuction.

3. Eyelid rejuvenationTired or sad looking eyes, caused by saggy under-eye bags or heavy eyelids, are one of the most common reasons why men are undergone eye rejuvenation treatments. The lower lids of the eyes can be rejuvenated by Blepharoplasty procedure to provide a vibrant and fresh appearance to men.

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